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Friday, 6 May 2011

Your Love Is Not Enough

Audio supplement to Essay 4!

In the Insane Asylum, TheDean! has been working on a project for a few weeks now. It is now finished. You can now have the brand new song Your Love Is Not Enough for free right here.


TheDean! retains all rights to this musical work, but has no problem with it being used/played/edited/sampled/etc so long as credit is given to TheDean! for the original work.

Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocals, harmony vocals, harmonica, hand-clapping, keyboard (inc. piano, organ, drums & percussion) by TheDean!
Lyrics written and music composed/arranged by TheDean!
Recording, engineering, mixing, editing, producing by TheDean!

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UPDATE: the song has been updated, with new extra vocal overdubs in the last quarter. The file linked is now the new updated version, but the original is still available at

Lyrics: Your Love Is Not Enough

I need more lovin' than you can give
Sorry baby it's the way i live
Listen when i say, i cannot deny
You'll never change me baby, so don't even try

I need more lovin' than your can provide
Gotta have more than one girl by my side
And every now and then i need a new ride
And none will ever be my bride

I want you to know you mean alot to me
You love me real well but then so does she
I float around like a honey bee
It takes alot of lovin' to satisfy me

Livin' in a commune in a family of ten
Givin' each other what we need again and again
Parties every ngiht, lovin' every day
Join us now darling and we'll love you in every way

Your Love Is Not Enough

They say that it's unorthodox
But our way of living really rocks
They jsut can't appreciate
That loose morals are what make life great

In this life we love so much
But there's room for another sweet girl's touch
It's part of my philosophy
To bring an end to monogamy

So join us in our commune now
and let the whole world know
You need alot of lovin' cuz
Baby you're just like us

Your parents probably say that it's bad
That your kids'll have more than one dad
They hate that your lifestyle displays
Are superior to their old ways

So keep on going, don't give in
Multiple lovers is never a sin
It should make you very proud
To shout your sexual preferences aloud

Your Love Is Not Enough
(Your Love Is Never Enough)
Your Love Is Not Enough

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