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The TheDean! Show is a podcast hosted by TheDean! (and a co-host).
Current segments include: Bad Advice; Looking Out My Window; No-Probs McGrobs; 'See, this is why i hate people'; Media discussion (TV, DVDs, games, books, etc); Front Page News (a witty look at newspaper headlines); plus: general banterous chat; interviews with musical guests; and new original music created by TheDean!

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Episode 50

It's the big five-oh, The TheDean! Show celebrates it's 50th episode!
The Smiting List, The Niall of the week, Journal (not quite os long this week!), a new sponsor, Meme, FML,FML en espanol, and all the rest, plus, He is TheDean! and is superior to you inferior scum, and an interview with Boney The Dog, Chris McGuinness, from the Thoughts Out Of Context podcast!
Wanring: the interview may feature a small amont, or a large amount, of overlappage. This is what happens when Logiconor was meant to record it and betrayed his excellence TheDean! once again, so we were reduced to using Pamela.


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As for the Wrestling section, I am unsure but i think TheDean! asked Josh to do the show without him, so that may be upcoming.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Episode 49

As we approach the landmark 50, TheDean!'s cranking out a long one for you guize!
This week we got an interview with Josh Belmonte (whom you may know form the Wrestling section), a very long Journal, plus all the usual: Smiting List, new sponsor, Niall of the Week, Thadde-mail, things, stuff, Meme, FMl, new segment: FML in spanish, and much more!


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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Episode 49: Wrestling

Not exactly our best show, but hopefully our myriad technicla problems wont be noticable too much. TheDean!, Josh Belmonte, and special guest Isaiah Roman review RAW from TheDean!'s notes, then Josh does ECW, Isaiah does TNA impact, Josh gives us the SD spoilers, and we have a Name that gimmick game.


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Episode 48: Wrestling

TheDean! and Josh review RAW, ECW, Josh reviews TNA iMPACT, and then gives Smackdown! spoilers. Also, Ass Man occurs, and Josh gets smitten.


Episode 48

HEY! Welcome back to The TheDean! Show. It's episode forty-ocho this week: with the Niall of the week, The Smiting List, THAT DAMN CAT SONG AGAIN,TheDean! Sings, The Journal, Campire at will, the usual reviews, that smell in the basement, AND THAT DAMN CAT AGAIN.

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Episode 47

Possibly the best TTD!S ever, it's Episode 47, with TheDean! and me, Thaddeus Penguin.
The usual stuff: Journal (including a guest appearance by Logiconor); The Smiting List; book, movie and music review schtuffz; Niall of the Week; Meme; TheDean! Sings and such-like; PLUS a special visit from the sister of our long-lost friend Repairman, and a special one-off Redmond Corner!

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I apologise on behalf of TheDean! for the lack of wrestling show this week, but he was too busy being in a movie.


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TheDean! Sings Aztec

Special video supplement, the 4th video supplement, and 8th(?) supplement in our history: TheDean! sings AZTEC by the Trap Door
WARNING: This is an old video; the original files are long-gone so i had to download from a website, hence the watermark; don't stretch it full-screen, it'll look bad.


Monday, 4 January 2010

Episode 46

TTD!S Ep 46, TheDean! told me really enjoyed this one, vintage TTD!S. Smiting List, Journal, Niall of week, A great TheDean! Sings, free giveaway, tons of stuff going on and MORE


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Episode 46: Wrestling

Josh returns, we have a review of RAW, then we have the Awards for 2009 and decade, then review ECW, which involves a horrible surprise for TheDean!
Box of win and argh of week awards to close.